TMJ Pain Gone!

After several weeks of acupuncture treatments with Kathi, the pain and clicking in my jaw was gone. I had been suffering for years with this condition, so I was thrilled that she could help me. -Mary C

Shingles Away- – - -

I got shingles and called Kathi within 3 weeks. She treated me twice and the pain and itching were completely gone. -Dan R

Stress, What Stress?

I’m a type A all the way, and I have a very stressful job. After seeing Kathi and having acupuncture treatments for a while, my co-workers didn’t know me! I was so much calmer. Thanks, Kathi -Terry F

Stomach Pains Gone

When I started treatment with Kathi, I couldn’t eat anything but white rice and bread without having terrible pains in my stomach, and burning in my throat. After a few months, I was able to eat a Thanksgiving meal with the rest of my family. That’s a lot to be thankful for!!! – Anne F